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Associated with North Shore Dental for more than 20 years, Practice Manager Christine Black  has been with the practice for 12 years.

Christine originally started out doing the book work for the practice. Nowadays she is responsible for leading the support team, finance, administration, service and systems.

Christine can easily be described as the ‘backbone’ of the business.

“It’s a job that engages all my skills. Every business needs a place where the buck stops.”

Practice Manager is a high pressure job because not only does Christine answer to three different bosses – the partners – she’s also responsible for the smooth flow of a practice which has 27 staff and sees more than 1,500 patients a month.

“I love working here. The partners are forward thinking and they have an excellent philosophy towards their staff. Promoting continuous education for the staff is high on the agenda; it’s one of things that makes this such a good job.”

Originally from Hawkes Bay, Christine has spent most of her life in Auckland and when she’s not working she enjoys being on the water, being outdoors, catching up with friends and being mum to her two daughters Carley (26) and Grace (23).

 “It’s the people you have in your life who enrich your life, so I like to invest time in them.”
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