Orthodontic Mouthguards

Powerguard 4-Braces-743
The POWRGARD® 4-BRACES moulds easily for a secure customised fit. The entire procedure should take no longer than 2 minutes, and is best done in front of a mirror. Have ready freshly boiled water, bowl, spoon, mirror and timepiece  (displaying seconds). Do a dry test run first.

Moulding Instructions

1. Put the  4-BRACES (with tongue tag down) into ceramic bowl of freshly boiled water for 30 seconds 5. Fit 4-BRACES into upper teeth (tongue tag upward) and press firmly into front teeth and molars
2. Lift 4-BRACES gently from water using spoon 6. Put tip of toungue on tag and close mouth while biting down hard on 4-BRACES
3. Cool under tap water for one second only bringing surface temperature to comforable level. Quickly move onto next step

4. Watching in mirror, line up centre of 4-BRACES with centre line of upper teeth and proceed rapidly with steps 5 - 7
7. Suck in strongly and press edges of 4-BRACES into teeth and gumline through the lips and cheeks (continue for 20 seconds). Remove from mouth and cool under tap water for 1 minute. Replace into mouth and test for a good firm fit


Do not overheat the 4-BRACES as this may cause permanent distortion of shape. Never place 4-BRACES directly into water while boiling on stove or in microwave.

Repeat steps 1 - 7 if the fit becomes loose through movement of teeth. 4-BRACESis regularly remoulded when adjustment becomes necessary.


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