"I love the more "natural" way Mike and his team work - changing the shape of a growing child's jaw, instead of pulling teeth (and no it's not any more painful than ordinary braces!) He delivered a great result for 2 of our children, after a bad experience at another orthodontist who practiced "serial extraction". No teeth pulled, despite my daughter having one growing behind another, my son's misaligned jaw moved - no surgery. Child #3 Mike told us not to bother, despite a dental nurse referral. Very happy. Highly recommended."

Shelley Pilkington

I saw David Lovrich last week - he did a special kind of filling to try to avoid a root canal.

Firstly, please let him know that my tooth feels SO much better. The sensitivity to cold is almost completely gone and the throbbing pain is totally gone. I know it will be some time until we know for sure whether the procedure has worked but I'm feeling positive about it and very glad that I took David's advice to try this before jumping straight to root canal.

Also I was very impressed with both David's and Sarah's service. You have made something I was very worried about so easy. I couldn't have asked for better and I felt I was in very safe hands. I will definitely be coming back and will gladly recommend you to my friends and family.

Thank you both so much!

Sian Brown


My smile was o.k, it was unfortunately the unseen problems that brought me to North Shore Dental after asking my mother who she would recommend and she mentioned Dr Ana Turner.

The staff are happy and focused on their patients, they kept me calm as i'm a nervous patient and they keep you well informed. I was very impressed with their cutting edge technology and techniques and the excellent dental work I received.

I would recommend North Shore Dental to everyone.

Justin Sargeant


I disliked my smile because my top teeth were overlapping and my bottom teeth were very crooked.

I found North Shore dental online and read about orthodontics on their website . My first impressions was the information online was excellant, new contemporary building, friendly and helpful front desk.  Anthony who did my orthodontic treatment was always professional and made me feel happy and relaxed. If I had any worries, they were just a phone call away and would fit me in asap to see Anthony.

I love my smile now because both my top and bottom teeth are lovely and straight, I would recommend North Shore dental to everybody. 

Ruth Shannon


I was sceptical that my daughter Hollie's teeth were going to be as perfect as they turned out. I thought Mike had "rocks in his head" and I was proven wrong. Hollie has perfect teeth without the need to extract any. Her mouth has a nice rounded shape too! I would recommend North Shore Dental to have a look at anyone's teeth who have been recommeded braces and to have extractions. Mike may be able to work his magic!


Neil Marshman


Hi Shelley, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful help and understanding yesterday.
You were right Chris at Denturetech is lovely, they all are that I met. I go back on Monday to decide where we go from here, but I will definitely be changing to your dental clinic.

Once again, thank you and have a wonderful week.



Please my pass my sincere thanks to Dr Anthony van der Steeg. He took off the "not so good" crown and put on a temporary one at this stage and he did a brilliant job. He made the whole process very smooth. I didn't even feel the anesthetic being given. The swelling that was there due to the "old crown" has gone and so has the sensitiveness!. I have suffered way too long with this tooth.

Can't thank Anthony enough for the amazing job he has done. Thank you.

Nimmi Valia


North Shore Dental has excellent service, Very friendly staff. Mike Black has done brilliant work on my teeth over the years I have been here and always look forward to my visits!. I love Mike's relaxed approach to dentistry and his fun loving nature. I am very lucky to have a dentist like him!

Jessica Davies


The staff at North Shore Dental are all very friendly and make you feel welcome. I would recommend my dentist, Kellie, to anyone. She offers very helpful advise and always works thoroughly. Thank you for a great service. :)

Denise Kethers


The service here is excellent. Reception staff are friendly and helpful. I get a bit anxious about visiting the dentist, but my dentist Ana has a great manner and always put me at ease. The staff are great with kids too. Most importantly, you can be confident that treatment will be carried out to a high standard.

Kirsty Racher


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Michael Black, not only did he give me a beautiful smile, he made me laugh when I had a bad one!

I was insecure about my smile for a long time. I tried to get help from local dentists, grumpy old men that told me braces were the only way!

When I met Mike he told me he could help me, he made what I had in mind a reality which resulted in a perfect outcome.

I have had a lot compliments on my new smile. I am grateful I chose him, at North Shore Dental :)

Jaimee Sharman


Thank you for your excellent skills that have helped to create Mark's new smile. We are grateful for your professionalism, passion and Orthodontic abilities. Well done!

Sue & Steve Davis


I disliked all my front teeth which were crooked and my jaw was too far back. I found North Shore Dental through my mum's best friend who had already had 3 of her boys treated there. I found the staff friendly, approachable and easy to talk to, very professional.

There was always a lot of fun, laughter and NO pain!! Fantastic care, treatment and great explanations as to what was going on. I love my smile now because every single tooth is absolutely PERFECT!! They are all straight - even now.

I would recommend North Shore Dental to EVERYONE who needs any sort of dentist/orthodontist treatment or are thinking about getting their kids treated.

Hayley Bennewith


I dislike that I had an underbite and that my teeth were caved in, making me self-conscious and never wanting to show my teeth, which affected me socially and psychologically.

I had only been offered surgery and when I watched a Campbell Live programme about Orthotropics I wanted to check out this option, so I looked up dental clinics offering this and found North Shore Dental.

They have such wonderful staff that are willing to go the extra mile to help. Mike Black was fantastic and did everything to help me get the teeth I had dreamed of for so long. I have wonderful teeth that sit nicely and that give me the confidence that I have never had before.

I would recommend North Shore Dental to anyone! Thanks so much!!

Toni Baker


I found North Shore Dental many years ago via a recommendation from a friend. They are a very professional practice and David Lovrich is a gentle, highly skilled and patient dentist.

Recently I had a root canal filling, I was amazed at the total lack of post surgical pain, more evidence of his natural expertise!

I would recommend North Shore Dental to anyone! Most of my family are regular clients. I tell all of my friends how valued, respected and appreciated he is in my world!

Sally Birks