Issue 9 Spring 2014

WORD OF MOUTH - ISSUE 9 Spring 2014


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The NZDA is launching ‘National Oral Health Day’ annual awareness campaign.

Every patient who visits North Shore Dental between 1 – 7 November will be eligible to enter the draw to win one of NZDA’S five amazing prizes worth $400 each.

To enter the draw you must post a photo of your dental visit or share one of the prevention tips /advice provided during your visit on the NZDA Facebook page:
using the title #oralhealthdaynz


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Anyone can use plaque-disclosing tablets, but they’re particularly effective for youngsters who haven’t established the best brushing and flossing habits.

Daily brushing and flossing is an important first step. But even conscientious brushers and flossers can miss a few spots, and where there’s an opening, plaque ( bacteria) will develop. Dental plaque is almost invisible to the naked eye so the solution and disclosing tablets contain a red food dye made from vegetable dye (erythrocin) that makes dental plaque easy to see. 

After a tablet is used, rinse and spit out the excess dye. You can then look at the teeth in a mirror and easily see where plaque is being missed during brushing and flossing. The stained plaque may not only be on teeth but also on the gums and tongue.

Many dental professionals give their patients disclosing tablets for use at home. Disclosing tablets are also sold though pharmacies or groceries.

We recommend using tablets at home as the tablets are less messy than the solution and you have less chance of staining accidents ruining clothes. 


This is how to use disclosing tablets at home: 
  • Explain to the child the purpose of the tablets.
  • Chew the tablet thoroughly then rinse with water and spit out the excess dye.
  • Parent/carer and child observe where plaque remains.
  • The stained plaque is then brushed and flossed away from teeth, gums, and tongue with the child checking his/her progress using a mirror. Watch the plaque disappear!
Disclosing tablets help improve your brushing pattern and technique without even realizing it, you may be regularly missing certain parts of your teeth when you brush and floss; disclosing tablets can help you identify these neglected areas. For example, many of our patients don’t brush their back teeth, the back sides of their teeth, or the area next to the gumline as thoroughly as they should. Using disclosing tablets for a few days will show you if you routinely miss any areas. When you know where these areas are, you can spend a bit more time brushing and flossing them, and soon, it will be part of your regular dental hygiene routine. Plaque-disclosing tablets can benefit anyone, but they’re especially useful for people who are prone to plaque build-up due to extenuating circumstances, such as receding gums or dental apparatus, including braces or bridges. 


Jessica’s straight talking on her orthodontic treatment so far.

Jessica Spring

During the first couple of weeks I experienced some pain while eating and my teeth felt very tender when I chewed food - This was because my teeth were moving. 
Prior to getting braces I loved eating at least one apple a day. Now I prefer to eat fruit like oranges or pears as they’re softer and easier for me to eat. I’ve always loved eating chocolate but since having braces I’ve needed to watch out when eating it, because chewing hard pieces of chocolate can cause my brackets to break off my teeth. During the first couple of months having braces I used a manual tooth brush to brush my teeth.

However, further into the journey I have invested in an electric toothbrush to get a better clean. The usual routine of cleaning my teeth includes using mouth wash first, followed by brushing with my electric toothbrush and then flossing with my mini flossing brush. Jessica Tyson.


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We would like to welcome our new Dental Therapist & Hygienist Sheena McPhail to the team at North Shore Dental. 


Sheena McPhail


Sheena is a member of the NZDHA. Sheena graduated from AUT in 2008 and was awarded with the Annette King award for academic excellence. Sheena is passionate about improving overall health by starting with good oral health. She especially enjoys working with children. In her spare time she loves to spend it with her husband Tom and their 2 young sons Asher and Arden. She enjoys music, yoga and time at the beach. 




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