Preventative & Oral Hygiene

Beautiful white teeth are an asset readily accessible to the average Kiwi, no matter their age – the perfect smile is not just the preserve of the rich and famous.

Our hygienists take an integrated approach to your oral and body health (systemic health)  focusing treatments and oral health education to your individual needs.  From periodontal treatment (gum disease managment) to dietry advice and tooth decay prevention, we are able to help you manage your own oral health better to reduce duture risks.

Equally important is equipping you with the tools to keep your mouth healthy. This includes information on how to use a normal or electric toothbrush properly and the use of interdental aids, floss and tape. Also, advice on your diet.  You will be surprised at the impact it has on your gums and overall health.

It’s a real pleasure to see how happy patients are with ‘that clean feeling'. 

Dental hygiene is essential for your overall health

Your face is full of tiny lymph nodes, so an infection or gum disease can cause your mouth to drain toxins in to your lymphatic system and blood stream.

The HealOzone

HealOzone is a new technology for the safe and effective, pain free treatment of decay.

Teeth sealants help prevent decay

Help seal your teeth against decay by talking to us about applying a sealant to your teeth.

Stop snoring with a mouthguard

If you snore or your partner snores, you probably know what it’s like to wake up tired, lethargic and grumpy – but we can help and may be able to stop the snoring.

Top sports athletes use custom-made mouthguards

People serious about their sport visit their dentists for their high impact custom-made sports mouthguards.

Help avoid heart disease, brush regularly

If one of your New Year resolutions is to live healthy – then taking care of your teeth is an easy start that will massively benefit your overall health.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, we can help